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2002, 216x138 mm
288 pp., Hardback
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About Dr. Shahida Wizarat
Publication Date: July 14, 2010
"Fighting Dependence" shows how the formulation of economic policies by the World Bank (WB) and the IMF, foreign policy by the State Department and military policies by the Pentagon are making a mockery of Pakistans sovereignty. And execution of these policies by "selectees" drawn from a network extending from the bureaucracy,military,politicians, technocrats, to the media have brought Pakistan to its present predicament. The "selectees" are heading institutions which have now become dysfunctional, as they continue to be abused in the pursuit of American interests or personal gains of the "selectees". Moreover, the imposition of an alien war which is killing Pakistanis poor through cruel bombings, financed by people who do not even have the money to buy their food, being waged behind the smokescreen of the "war against terror", whose main objective is to take us to the colonial world order as it existed prior to 1945. In order to meet this existentialist threat Pakistan needs to reverse the path dependent approach and proclaim sovereignty. The book is recommended to the warriors fighting dependence, oppression and exploitation.